Conversion Copywriting Services That Touch The Hearts of Your Prospects...

And play with their minds ...

And toy with their emotions ...

And manipulate their psyches ...

Till they press that 'Add to Cart' button

or whatever button you want them to press.

If you run an eCommerce or SaaS business, and you want

help with brand massaging, that will, a) make you a niche authority,

and b) turn nay-sayers into yay-sayers ...

chances are you really need my services! 

Hi! My name is Bilal Ahmed ...

I'm a Product Copywriter ... a Hollywood movies buff, a Mad Men aficionado ... and simply obsessed with learning and implementing copywriting techniques that deliver results.

I started off as a poet and fiction-writer ...

But that's a sob story for another time ...

Now I'm mostly known for my flawless content strategy and copy that offers insane conversion rates - as much as 75% on one email ...

So whether you're genuinely interested in my story - or you mean business, my about page is worth a visit!

After all I wasn't lying about that 75% conversion rate!!!

Why Would You Prefer Me?

Process-Oriented Copy - Creative as ****

Don't let David Ogilvy and Don Draper cuss each other out while standing over the dead body of your dearly beloved business! Your brand massaging can be process-oriented and creative at the same time: just like yours truly!

Copy that exudes experience and oozes confidence ...

There are two things to writing well; it must not be your first rodeo and your writing must show it. My clients love my work because it displays personality. Up my sleeves and certain other places, I've got tricks that compel the readers to lower their guard - and that is the time when you make them an offer they can't refuse. 

What can I do for you?

Sales Copy

People are so wrong when they say that there are only two things to sell: either a service or a product.

No! There is only one thing to sell - and that's a product. Even a service sells better when you productize it. 

Hire a copywriter who'd lose his sleep over finding out whatever your dream clients lose their sleep over.

Hire a copywriter who'd get to the bare bones of your product, and go through the nitty-gritty of brand positioning, awareness level of your target clients and brand massaging. 

Email Copy

Subscribers are a fickle bunch. They're easier to get and harder to retain. There are two points between which you play with emails: A - where you get subscribers and B - where you convert them into clients.

A nurturing sequence is the Golden Gate Bridge between both of the points. And this is where so many brands go nuts and zombies and fruitcakes.

The only reason my standalone email converted 75% was that it was straight to the point. Zero hocus-pocus!

Email is scalable - there are certain points where you win or lose a subscriber. I can help you with subscriber retention and conversion rate. 


Web Copy

Are you too much focused on your back-end launch copy, y'know, squeeze page, sales page and emails etc., that you're completely forgetting the importance of your web copy?

In that case, your home page, about page and services/product pages are where you're losing a lot of clients. 

A complete and utter lack of blog content strategy makes matters worse.

Let us fix it with web copy that talks what your clients want to hear and blog content with a smart soft-sell strategy and clear SEO goals.


Bilal wrote nurturing sequence for my subscribers and with that sequence not only we dialed down the unsub rate, but we managed to convert many subscribers into clients.

Ruth Noel

Tax Twerk


I hired him for website copy of Dubai-based digital design and development agency. He is a research/process oriented writer and his work shows that he knows his stuff.

Gull Gul


We always had a business and a good number of local, loyal clients, but we wanted to expand. It was his highly conversational SEO writing that helped us engage new fans and get a good ranking on SERPs.

Oliver Davies
Staunton Chess Company

So, how you'd like your persona to be written?

My name's Bob.

I booked a free consultation session with Bilal.

He sent me a detailed questionnaire that reflected his understanding of the back-stage processes of copywriting.

He acted like a team player and talked to everyone on my team whose opinion was relevant.

Although his first draft was flawless - he kept in touch with me after the copy went live - and offered further revisions to improve conversions.

The ROI that I got will keep me coming for more of his advice and copywriting skills.

My name's Sarah.

I booked a free consultation session with Bilal.

He sent me a detailed questionnaire.

I was used to the kind of writers who read my brief and banged out copy within 48 hours' notice. 

I didn't need a consultant on brand positioning and messaging; I needed an order taker.

I hired Jack from a content mill. He turned in the copy within 48 hours.

I got words to put on my website. I wish they elicited something other than yawns and ugghs and mehs and wtfs. 

Let me save you from bad copy > bad results > embarrassment!

Get process-oriented and highly creative sales/email/website copy.

From brand positioning to finding perfect brand voice to a wire-design - you get everything ready for your funnel.

We start with the audit of your existing copy - but we do not stop after I submit the first draft. I stay with you through A/B testing and come up with better versions that ensure better results.

This ain't my first rodeo; I've got rave reviews from previous and existing clients. What make this even more fool-proof are the 3 rounds of revisions that I offer to every client once the first draft is delivered. 

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