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Turn Your Ad Copy into a Story or Let Me Do That For You

Before I tell you the reason why you must turn your ad copies into stories, let me first tell you a story.

Gather ’round everyone, let’s get the camp fire going!

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, when we were making skyscrapers only on the walls of caves, we invented story.

Story was something that connected the good, the bad, the ugly and the political correctness guys in making (those who later decided that no one’s good, bad or ugly; we’re all queers).

People made up their stories around unseen beasts, and ghosts and storms and whatnot.

Something that wiped away the nearest tribe or a maiden who charmed 10 men into beating each other like dogs only to elope with another man from another tribe …


There was something common about all those stories: a happy ending (not the kind you’re thinking of). People learned to relate to those stories and situations.

Unknowingly, people started to fall for the same solutions that protagonist found.

Now everyone wanted a mermaid’s tear, and sooner than later they were screwing with manatees (poor animal).

Fast forward to this age:

People still fall for stories. Story is the perfect antidote to what makes your marketing yawp boring, uninteresting and good for nothing but a big sky drilling yawn!

*Drum Rolls*

And this my friends, is the reason why you need to turn your Ad Copies into Ad Stories!

See, people do not buy products; they buy good stories.

You can take any product and service that has a market, albeit a small one, and you can make it a winning product with a thrilling story.

I’m talking about RoI through the roof!

A product’s story that rakes in sale after sale!

And here are the ingredients of writing that story:

  • Find a product/service with a market
  • Gather facts and figures to prove that people need it
  • Knit a story around the problem that your product is a solution to
  • Show the facts and figures to support the story

And this is it. Job done!

Our brains are wired to believe in good stories and happy endings (not again).

This is the recipe to turn any metal into gold. You’re the person who knows the chemistry of a good Facebook or Google Ad copy.

So I say go get the laptop, think of a good story and write a killer ad copy.

However if you want this storyteller to do this for you, just fill in the brief form below!

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