Advertising Lessons from Hollywood – The Damaging Admission

This is a new series of content (videos and posts) that I'm going to start. 

Persuasion is bigger than copy - you can find it just about anywhere. Anywhere someone is trying to convince someone else to do something. 

This could be a classroom, this could be 3 wise men knocking at your door, wanting to talk to you about Jesus (pbuh), this could be a sinister and cunning politician trying to manipulate the masses - and this could be media. 

Hollywood movies for example, are full of very persuasive dialogues. A movie is no good if it's not persuasive and when you write a dialogue, it has to be at a high pitch or it's a complete failure.

In this post we are going to discover a famous copywriting hack known as "damaging admission" and I picked two scenes from two different Hollywood movies to prove my point.

The Damaging Admission

Since the video is here to explain the concept, I'd only define what a damaging admission is.

You use a damaging admission when you know that you have a clear disadvantage, that your target market (at least solution-aware prospects) is aware of your disadvantage and you have to turn it into an advantage.

The biggest benefit of the damaging admission is that instead of sounding like a right ****ing idiot, you come off as a businessman who is honest and fully aware of his weakness.

I'd be back with another post from this series, till then.

About Bilal Ahmed

A direct response copywriter obsessed with persuasion techniques and hacks from great-grandpa Claude Hopkins's times till this date!


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