Hello Digital Agencies!

Agent 007 Reporting for Duty!

The best freelance copywriter, who'd come out guns blazing, work under disguise of your agency, and leave all the credit for you to take. 

I know, I know - You already have an in-house team of copywriters ...

You guys always have one ... don't you?

Well, no offense to them - been there, done that - but in-house writers are like caged birds.

They shriek a lot and they see less (not to mention the mess they make). They have a limited vision and a very limited understanding of the "free world" - y'know personal brands, digital nomads, entrepreneurship, stardust and all that.

They cannot offer you what freelance copywriters can do on any given day.

A freelance copywriter with proven success record is wild and free ...

Just like an eagle ... flying above the clouds ... with two all-seeing eyes and talons strong enough to grip anything.

Those are the ones hardest to get.

Copywriters who freelance, always take the risk of unemployment, and they HAVE to learn a lot to secure one project after another.

Product Copywriter

How about a little upselling?

Y'know how they say that a business must steer clear of other sharks and find a place where there are more tunas?

You can beat your competitors while they're busy selling anything ... but copywriting.

You can upsell copywriting on top of all other services that you sell. Think of it as just another basket for you to put the eggs in - a new venue for more business.

I will be your agency's unfair advantage over rival agencies!

Get otherwise premium-price sales and information copy at highly affordable rates.

Get rid of order-takers and acquire the services of a consultant.

Upsell copywriting to your clients with the confidence that you have an experienced copywriter on board.

This ain't my first rodeo; I've got rave reviews from previous and existing clients. What make this even more fool-proof are the 3 rounds of revisions that I offer to every client once the first draft is delivered.