On the other end of this FREE 30-min strategy call you'd meet someone who is more aware of your target customers and competitors than you are. Wanna bet? 

Sharoon Amin Akhtar

Project Lead


We asked for his help for our business website's copy. That task demanded highly specialized and top of the line service. During the free strategy session, Bilal went to extra lengths to properly understand our unique problem and needs. Bilal worked with us as a team member and as project lead I'm very satisfied with his delivery and professionalism.

Bilal Ahmed

Personal Brand Copywriter

I put SOME man-sweat and man-hours in the preliminary research alone ...

Before you read what you will get during the Free Strategy Call let's see if we are a good fit!

Before proceeding any further, kindly make sure that:

* You have an ethical product, and you don't sell a make money quick thing.

* If you want Facebook ads, Google ads or YouTube ads, your minimum budget is at least USD100+/ad

* If you want lead-gen landing pages, your minimum budget is at least USD$500+/page.

* If you want home page, about page, service/product page or any other web pages, your minimum budget is at least USD$700+/page.

* If you want sales pages or VSLs, your minimum budget is at least USD$5000+/item.

What I’ll Do Before the Call

* I'll scrape the internet and find out everything worth finding about you, your brand, your product, your competitors - and most importantly, your target customers.

* Before we hop on a call, I'd get your email address and I'd ask you all the important questions that you want me to know the answers to.

What Happens During the Call

* I'd show you the things that you never knew about your competitors, and most importantly, about your target customers.

* I'd come bearing gifts - such as free advice on how to improve messaging or how to capitalize on an ignored opportunity. 

What Changes After the Call

* Without wasting any time I will share the promised insights with you.

* I will send you a proposal as per the pricing that we both agreed to during the call.

* Upon acceptance I'd dive deeper into the ocean of your ideal target customers' voice and resurface with bags full of South Sea pearls.

* I'd deliver the work before the deadline ends. More on this on My Process page.

About Bilal Ahmed

Currently, I'm working with a YouTube advertising agency in personal branding space. I've been into sales copy for 7+ years now. I specialize in Facebook and Google ads, YouTube ads, lead-gen pages, web copy, sales pages and VSLs.

Why They Recommend Working with Me

Take a look at these industry-leaders, personal brands and coaches - and what they like about my sales copy.

Sasha Gorelik

Copywriter & Coach

I hired Bilal for multiple projects. He did a very good job on highlighting product's advantages. Even better was his voice of customer research and how he used competitors' negative points to our advantage. I'm actually shocked at how efficiently he worked on a very techy product.

Matthew Woodard

Web Designer &

UI/UX Expert

I hired Bilal for my about page. His stuff, especially his process, looked great to me. I'm very happy with the about page that he wrote.

Niel Malan

Marketer & CEO

Elite Inc.

I like his style of displaying personality. It's much more engaging than normal copy.

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