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So, no one ever told you that case studies and white papers are weapons of mass conversion? 

I won’t blame you if you think that the basic purpose of a case study or a whitepaper is informational …

Yes, that makes them nothing more than information copy …

So how is it that this copywriter of sorts uses these informational tools for conversion-related purposes?

I’ll tell you that, but let me first ask you a question:

What is it that you can do with a cricket bat? Obviously nothing much but playing cricket!

What is it that you can do with obsidian? Make knives, arrows and spikes’ blades right?

But some chic Aztec dude back in some godforsaken century had this Eureka moment; he embeded sharp obsidian blades in a club that looked so much like a cricket bat.

Lo and behold!

Comes into existence Macuahuitl! The most sassy, classy and badassy sword that could decapitate a Spanish Knight, amputate limbs and inflict real bad lacerations.

Now you know how an apparently irrelvant tool can become so relevant if you use it differently!

Why Case Studies?

That’s right! You have all the funnel assets that you need; why waste time interviewing the clients that you don’t want to see unless they come speaking Cha-ching again?


Here’s a long kept secret …

Psst … come closer …

Your prospects do not trust a single word you say about your oh so awesome services; they always want to hear from clients you have most recently worked for.

Our brains are wired to doubt the vendor and trust the honest opinions of fellow shoppers.

So don’t make things complicated; let your satisfied clients attract more and more leads for you and convert them into sales.

Why White Papers?

In terms of doing the right job with right level of subtlety, a white paper does it better than a case study.


Cuz we all know that case study is just a more legit, detailed and authentic version of those good old testimonials that no one trusts any longer.

To the contrary, a white paper is an information copy that explains the problems faced by a company or its prospects and the solution that that company found to address the problem.

You can use a softsell approach to lure the unprepared readers into believing that you do not only understand their challenges and problems, but you have already solved the same.

So, if you think that your hardsell conversion tactics have failed you, perhaps it is the time to try a soft-sell approach!

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