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If your brainchild is not performing well and it is pretty much obvious that it is lagging behind in SERPs race, one of the most important reasons could be a bad quality content.

This is exactly where content audit comes into play; a content auditor will make a list of all textual, graphic and video content on your website and find out what’s wrong.

Here is why my Content Audit consultancy is exactly what you need:

✅ Itemized list of all the content on your website

✅ Division of content based on text, photos, infographics and videos etc.

✅ Thorough check on whether the content is in line with content strategy

✅ Thorough check for plagiarism

✅ Thorough check on the optimization of the content

✅ Thorough check on copyright issues e.g. use of pictures which are copyrighted

✅ Identification of the other problems with content

✅ Identification of old and updated content that either needs to be removed or improved

✅ Finding the content gaps that need to be filled

✅ Quality evaluation of the content

✅ Recommendations about improvement of the content structure

✅ Recommendations about adding new content

✅ Recommendations about the navigation, SERPs value and usability of the content

If your car breaks, you take it to the mechanic, not to a veterinary doctor. If your content is ailing, you better bring it to a copywriter.