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If you’re a web entrepreneur, and I mean a successful one – running many projects simultaneously, I bet you don’t have time for your family, let alone taking care of the content management of your main-money website.

In such a situation time is money, and instead of smothering yourself with little tasks like design of this website and content of that one, delegation of different tasks to different experts seems to be the best choice.

Unless, of course:

You want to rock the SERPs with one website only, and bury the rest of them in the soft soil of the page 10 of Google.


If you are smart enough to make the first choice, don’t fall prey to a cunning Assistant SEO expert, because later you will know that content management is a professional gig and it is better left to experts with content writing and management expertise.

And this is where my expertise comes in handy. Here are the obvious reasons why you need my Content Management consultancy:

✅ Content Audit

✅ Content Strategy

✅ PR Strategy for the company

✅ Press releases, ad copies and other marketing materials to further the positive image

✅ Blog content calendar to ensure that your website gets content periodically

✅ Constant check on associated content writers (in-house or freelancing) to ensure a constant supply of high quality content

✅ Quality check e.g. proofreading, editing & improvement of all the visual, audio, video and textual content before it is posted on website, web 2.0 URLs and social media etc.

✅ Proper meetings and communication with SEO or Marketing in-charge

✅ Know-how of WordPress: the most popular Content Management System

✅ Up to date knowledge of best content development, SEO and Social Media Marketing practices

Your website content needs constant management and additions, because one of the most important Google ranking factor is periodic addition of content to one’s website. Let an expert content manager and writer take care of this for you.