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When it comes to content marketing, I have a contention.

I believe that knowing when, where and how to market your content is more important than just creating the content and sharing it straightaway on all social media handles associated with one’s enterprise.

During my career as a content writer and manager, I often had to do marketing of the written content as well; and in the words of my previous employers, “You do it fine … it’s uh … it’s good, really good.”


Here are the reasons why you may consider my Content Marketing services:

✅ A marketing driven by desire and ambition

✅ Specialized knowledge of content marketing tools and practices

✅ A marketing tailored to the sort of audience that is specific to a certain niche

✅ Laser focus on the daily content marketing chores and time management to make it happen

✅ Imagination and creativity to turn a piece of content in a news

✅ Organized content marketing operation – devised to chase the deadlines

✅ Focus on the value for time and money

✅ Quality checks for assurance of high quality content marketing

✅ Logical, rational and analytical marketing tailored to predefined targets

You cannot go about marketing computers if you do not know the difference between a RAM and a ROM. Say again what made you think that a person who knows a Jack squat about content can market it?