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So, you’re an awesome SEO expert in making, you are pretty good at basic graphic designing and you feel at home when you code, and you think that this is enough for you to launch your first .com business.

Good for you:

However, there is this thing that you cannot figure out on your own, unless you’ve invested many years in copy-writing. And that is a thorough and all-inclusive content research and strategy.

This is where my Content Research & Strategy consulting comes into play, and here are the reasons why you need it:

✅ Result oriented market research to dart the exact type of content, topics and style needed for highest search engine ranking

✅ Competitor research to analyze the first page contenders, their approach, style and strategy

✅ Measurement centered and logical explanation of why a certain sort of content ranks

✅ Content recommendations based on proven data and ideas

✅ On-Page SEO oriented approach

✅ A problem and solution based content strategy – tailored to the psyche of target visitors

✅ Based on target customers/visitors’ personas

✅ Clean and clear division between website content and blog content – and aims thereof

✅ Tailored to predefined objectives of target website

✅ Result oriented idea of the content that works and one that doesn’t

So do you want to set off on a journey to glory without having a strategy or do you want someone to research and strategize your content for you? Choice is yours!