How to Wireframe Web Copy Using Free Google Drawings Tool

August 9, 2020

What is a wireframe? A few of you might wanna know.

Well, a wireframe is basically the barebones of a design.

In this case a web design.

Why would a copywriter want to get in a web designer’s shoes?

Well, it is so coz on a web page, copy does not appear as plain text (not even back in 90s).

Wireframing Web Copy with Google Drawings

Going back to the question of “Why wireframe web copy and landing pages?” …

There has to be a perfect collaboration between “art” and copy in order to boos the engagement rate and ensure maximum conversions.

When you wireframe, you sorta show your design intent to the designer. You let them know how you want the design to serve the purpose that copy is supposed to achieve.

Because copywriters believe that copy is somewhat superior to design when it comes to goals like engagement and conversion etc.

Here are the resources mentioned in the video:

Google Drawings

Wireframing with Balsamiq

Wireframing with Photoshop

Since this is a video tutorial, I don’t need much text here.

Just a few things to clarify.

Experts might find Photoshop or Balsamiq more appropriate for high-level wireframing – although we’re not designers and we do not need advanced wireframing tools.

There isn’t anything that you might wanna do while wireframing your web copy that you won’t find on Google Drawings.

This was a basic landing page design and that too in its “first draft” form (Google what Hemingway said about the first draft), I didn’t add any icons, I could make more sections that I didn’t and I didn’t put some lorem ipsum gibberish to give it the look and feel of an actual web page.

In case you wanna know what a web page wireframed on Google Drawings looks like in real (internet) life, take a look at this home page copy that I wrote and wireframed:

Softoo IT Services

This is it fellas.

I hope you liked this tutorial.

In case you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, share them in the comment box below.

I’d soon be back with another tutorial like this one …

Till then …

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A direct response copywriter obsessed with persuasion techniques and hacks from great-grandpa Claude Hopkins's times till this date!


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