The Ultimate Target Market Knowledge Quiz

Based on 5 main factors that reveal how much you know about your target market. A fast and easy quiz that shows you what kind of personal-brand you are - unaware, half-aware or know-it-all.

What's inside this quiz?

Customer Research

It all starts with customer research. Are you a deep sea diver or a surfer?

Your Connection with Your Customers

Then it all boils down to how strong is your connection with your customers. How well do you understand them?


If you know your customers it's all good, but there's always something new to learn. How often you catch up with your customers?

Your Understanding of Their Emotions

Now that you think that you know them very well, how deep is your understanding of their emotions and desires. When it comes to selling, emotions weigh more than brain.

Market Segmentation

You don't understand your target market well until you segment them and then it all boils down to how deep or shallow is the segmentation.

Who am I?

I'm a direct response copywriter. Currently, I'm working with a YouTube advertising agency in personal branding space. I've been into sales copy for 7+ years now. I specialize in Facebook and Google ads, YouTube ads, lead-gen pages, web copy, sales pages and VSLs.

Bilal Ahmed

Personal Brand Copywriter
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