Roses are red ...

Violets aren't blue ...

This About Me page ...

Is actually 'bout you ...

Cuz you're not here to read my boring story. You're here to see what this person can do for your personal brand.

Have you ever ended up with copy that looked more like a thoughtless cluster of words?

I bet you did - maybe just recently, and you cursed that jargon spitting cobra of a writer who thought of your products, picked some power phrases, used some lame *** formulas and handed a pile of absolute crap to you.

And definitely that pile of crap is of no use to you - unless you're in natural fertilizer business.

Now if this sounds familiar, let me tell you that you've become a victim of thoughtless and process-less copy. And all you need to fix that jibber-jabber is to hire a process-oriented copywriter.

You need a puffer who knows that only 20% of copy is writing and 80% lies in assembling other pieces of this big jigsaw puzzle.

Now I want you to dream about getting your hands on a piece of copy that will rake in sale after sale - round the clock!

Imagine that instead of lifeless blog posts and articles, you have bridge pages that look like content, but walk and talk like sales copy: optimized for on-page SEO as well as soft-selling!

Imagine that your home, services, squeeze and sales pages have been trimmed for persuasion - so much so that they lead to only one logical conclusion: conversion!

Imagine that your email sequence resonates with your ideal clients' fears, concerns and deepest emotions!

But hey, all of this is simply too



Do you know why? It is because you're still reluctant to trust me. To you I'm just a sleazy salesman behind a laptop.

You have trust issues, and you surely do not want to trust a copywriter that you never worked with.

You were listening to all this self-glorifying hogwash and you were murmuring ... "Too good to be true!"

You want to unleash a volley of difficult questions!

You wanna know if I've worked with other businesses like yours.

You wanna know what makes me a specialist in personal branding space.

You wanna know how I approach copywriting and conversion.

You wanna know everything before you trust me with your smart-earned cash.

But most importantly, you want to look squarely into my eyes and ask me:

"Hey Bilal, what makes you different than other copywriters?"

Bilal Ahmed

And to tell you the truth, this is the most difficult question that you can ask a businessman in such a saturated field.

What makes me different is what brought me to writing. I've been a poet and fiction writer for a long time.

Persuasion is not something that I HAD to learn. It comes naturally to me - I know it from the days when I used to write for the love of writing. 

Obviously, what I had to learn were the processes and techniques of direct response sales copy.

Aside from making you part with your money, the only reason why I want to help you is that I hate bad copy.

Bad copy is just like bad design - actually much bigger a disaster than that.

At this point I stop and wonder what's left ... ah, yes, a little social proof ...

So, where were we?

Before I showed all that social proof to you, we were talking about how my process-oriented copywriting could turn your website into a Cha-ching machine!

If you want to get rid of the copy that does no good to your business, and

If you want to get your funnel assets sharp to the point - just like an arrow destined to kiss the bull's eye ...

All you have to do is hop on a call with me. It is a free consultation session, during which I will explain the value that I can offer to you.

What could possibly go wrong?

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Jump on a Free Strategy Call!

  • Get research-backed and process oriented sales copy.
  • From voice of customer research to buyer personas to oven-fresh copy - I take one worry off your list.
  • I do not stop with the final draft; with your blessing, I keep on A/B testing everything from headlines to lead to close, until the stats make you happy.

This isn't my first rodeo; take a look at the reviews I got from previous clients.

What makes this even more fool-proof are the 3-rounds of revision that I offer to every client once the first draft is delivered.