Good Copy Comes out of Good Process.

I Do Not Sell Magic.

Click that little 'X' on top-right corner if you came here expecting to see some voodoo. Keep reading if you value process.


Good job on using competitors' negative points to our advantage ...

Sacha Gorelik , Copywriter & Coach

I hired Bilal for multiple projects. He did a very good job on highlighting product's advantages. Even better was his voice of customer research and how he used competitors' negative points to our advantage. I'm actually shocked at how efficiently he worked on a very techy product.


Copy that engages and displays personality ...

Niel Malan , Marketer & CEO

I like his style of displaying personality. It's much more engaging than normal copy.


Highly specialized and top of the line copywriting ...

Sharron Amin Akhtar , Project Lead

We asked for his help for our business website's copy. That task demanded highly specialized and top of the line service. During the free strategy session, Bilal went to extra lengths to properly understand our unique problem and needs.Bilal worked with us as a team member and as project lead I'm very satisfied with his delivery and professionalism.


Great stuff ...

Matthew Woodard , Web Designer & UI/UX Expert

I hired Bilal for my about page. His stuff, especially his process, looked great to me. I'm very happy with the about page that he wrote.


  • You find me ... or I find you over the internet.
  • We hop on a discovery call to know more about each other.
  • I ask you about your niche, your product, your budget and the deadline. You ask me any questions that are material to you.
  • I get off the phone, find every damn thing I can find about you, your business and your immediate competitors.
  • We talk again. This time we talk in detail about what's wrong with your funnel or branding/marketing strategy and how that can be fixed.


  • Once I fully grasp the scope of work and I get an idea of what you expect from me e.g. just copy or copy + conversion optimization, I tell you the time it will take and how much I will charge.
  • I send you a detailed proposal. It encapsulates details like scope of work, deadline, my earliest possible availability, referrals, payment and itemized list of what I will be bound to deliver.
  • I ask you to pay me in full. This allows me to turn down any other tempting projects that appear on the horizon.
  • Upon your approval, the terms and conditions set in the proposal are considered mutually accepted. 


  • I will start with deep online search to find out more about you, your offer, your competitors and your customers.
  • Once done with this, I will have a raw strategy in my mind. I will ask you to provide certain data that will help me finalize that strategy. I'd ask for the work/research done by any copywriter that you hired before me, brand voice guide (if any), access to any data acquired from analytics tools, access to all chat logs, reviews, testimonials and customers' emails (if any) and access to your colleagues dealing with different aspects e.g. email marketing, SEO, sales etc.
  • I'd use all this data, research, surveying and interviews to create a first draft. I will stay in touch with your web designer to finalize a wireframe. I will submit that first draft to you with fingers crossed.
  • You would have right to 3 no-questions-asked rounds of revisions. Use them wisely.


  • You press that "Enter" button and ... "sky rockets in flight!" You hear someone whispering: "That's one small step for a person: one giant leap for the personal brand."
  • Copy goes live ... your target clients see that you're talking about their fears, their anxieties, their deepest desires and a solution that makes them reach for those big, fat wallets.
  • We hop on another discovery call - this time to discover the data, see how well the copy delivered, and you tell me how happy you are. 


  • In a copywriter's wet dream, first draft is the last draft. In real life, a lot of A/B testing goes on; sometimes because conversion rate is good, but not that good, and sometimes because ... well, you always want more.
  • I keep in touch with you and your team. We get all the data arising out of the launch, analyze it and, if needed, improve the "meh" parts, while leaving the "oomph" parts the way they are. 
  • In case we're happy with the results, we do not try to fix what's not broken; we analyze the data and use it for next launches. 

Goody Bag

  • You've been over the moon about the work and what it achieved for you. So much so that you refer two good clients to me ... as good as they get.
  • On each referral you get to pick between a mouthwatering referral commission or a piece of copy (free of cost).

Good Process → Better Copy → Best Results!

  • As I said, either you can hire a copy-consultant with a super quick, easy and reliable process, or you can always hire (and regret hiring) some woo-woo clown.
  • From scope of work to budget to deadlines and revisions, everything will be documented.
  • Once you see how easy and effective is my process you can always plug 'n' play the same process for all up-coming launches. 

This isn't my first rodeo; take a look at my About Me page and the reviews I got from previous clients.

What makes this even more fool-proof are the 3-rounds of revision that I offer to every client once the first draft is delivered.