I have been and I am fully committed to protecting the privacy of my valued clients and it is a matter of personal and professional norms to me due to which the sensitive data and information related to any customers are never leaked out.

Here is everything that you need to know about my privacy policy:

Rules That Dictate My Privacy Policy

  • The privacy policy of this website will always be easily accessible to all visitors. Without any ambiguity and in very simple words, all the policies will be disclosed to general public.
  • I reserve the sole right to make changes, additions and omissions to this privacy policy.
  • This website ensures that any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will be protected and never disclosed to a body other than the party that first disclosed that information to me.
  • For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, PII will include all information related to clients’ or prospects’ business, business plans, business ideas and/or any data that they revealed to me.
  • I make sure that I will not disclose to anyone or sell the data that my clients or prospects will share with me. Unless a verifiable law enforcement agency or court order requires so, the data will never be disclosed at any cost.
  • If there are justifiable reasons to believe that you have used my writing services for fraud, misrepresentation or similar illegal activities and for other unlawful acts, I would have the right to disclose PII to law enforcement agency or authority.

Required PII

Here is the explanation of PII required from prospects and clients and rules regarding it.

  • Required PII is the information which is highly required in order to deliver better work to my clients or in order to properly go through the due processes.
  • Types of required PII is name, mailing address, email address, IM ID or phone number and payment details etc.
  • These PII details are required at the time of first contact or at the time when a client orders my services.
  • All of the PII details acquired by this website are solely owned by me.
  • The PII details can never be shared with a third party, unless it is justifiable as per the conditions listed above.

External Links

Since www.bilalahmed.life has blog posts as well, there are going to be many external links to other websites. Visitors will not hold it responsible for any problem caused by the transaction done at or with those websites and data shared with the same.

Sharing Information

In the course of providing you with the best visual or audio-visual content, SEO aid or any other service, your information can be shared with the persons or companies offering any such services. However, as far as the copywriting or SEO content writing services or services that include sales or creative writing are concerned, your information will not be shared with anyone. I do not outsource my clients’ work to other writers, and in order to maintain the quality of content, I write it myself.

Underage Users

This website and the services provided by me are meant only for the people who are legally considered major and have reached the lagal age of maturity. I will never knowingly collect or use the personal information of a person who is legally considered a minor, and I will not be held liable for the actions or omissions of a client below legal age.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Since details pertaining to the personal data of clients and prospects is never saved on this website or any assets associated with it, I am fully entitled to make changes to the privacy policy as explained above, with or without any notice to the clients or prospects. Any such change will never render such data available to a third party.