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I say Product Description or Product Review > You think Amazon

Well, that’s a matter of fact:

Out of 1000 product reviews and descriptions that I wrote, 990 were for Amazon.

Who needs them:

  • Rich dudes and gals who are into Amazon FBA aka selling cool products on Amazon
  • Wanna be rich dudes and gals who are into Amazon Affiliate Program aka “we make website around cheesy product reviews, peaople click on the product, go to Amazon, buy the product and we go home with commission”

Believe it or not:

Amazon is not what you Amazon Prime shoppers think. It is not an online shopping website. It is YUGE.

It is a whole effing organism (please don’t read orgasm).

And this chap here knows the mistake that people or their writers make.

A Product Description is not a Review

Don’t leave your prospects dangling between two thoughts “to buy or not to buy!”

It is a product description. You need to come up with cut-throat ninja USPs to tell them why they need to buy your product.

You need a catchy and cheesy product description with a clear and crisp CTA to let them know why your product is the best one among a hundred or two hundred same products on Amazon

You need a voice – a compelling and convincing voice to wrap the truth and make them hit the “Add to Cart” button.

But same is not the case with a product review.

The Irony is that Product Review is written like a Product Description


That sickens me.

To see that a product review website is full of reviews that look more like landing pages of the reviewed products!

It is not how it should be.

For a moment, move your butts from that comfy couch and put your feet in a product review writer’s shoes.

Oh yeah! Now you can see!

Your job is to sell a product (coz that’s how you get the commission), without trying to sell it.

You better not butter that toast.


Because readers will run away like scared rabbits the moment they guess that you’re not impartial, and your actual job is not to educate them, but to sell the product.

See? It is a subtle job compared to the shameless advertising that you do with a product description.

And guess what?

My clients come back to me again and again, because I know the ropes.

I do the research, I remain impartial and I talk about pros and cons of a product as well as the charactaristics that one must look for while buying such a product.

The voice of a truthful researcher who knows well the industry and who has vetted products of a particular category, helps me establish good reputation.

Sale or commission it is all about trust. If they trust you, they will click the button.

My job is to assemble the words and the knowledge in a way that elicits nothing, but trust.

If you’re interested, I’ve mother lode of samples to show you.


So, If you want to hire this writer who has the product analysis and writing in the palm of his hand, just fill in the brief form below!

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