Softoo: A Teardown of the Home Page That I Wrote

August 27, 2020

What is Softoo?

Softoo is a resource augmentation company providing highly-skilled and highly-qualified resources within the field of IT.

So, if you have a project – for example, an app that you think can prove to be the next Instagram or Waze, but you don’t know how to go about it – you can either let Softoo build and launch that app with the help of its wide and diverse resource pool, or ask Softoo to hire your offshore team for you or partner with Softoo and see doers at Softoo streamline everything from research to execution.

Softoo: Home Page Teardown & the Comparison with the Old Home Page

The video is here, you can see how I used the way back machine to take a look at the old home page, explained what was wrong with that and how I fixed that.

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What’s in this Teardown?

In case you’ve been watching my video teardowns, you know that I always fix something while doing a review/teardown of a particular web page.

I wrote this home page …

And the reason I didn’t fix anything in this video is not that I consider this home page perfect – actually there is room for improvement.

But that’s more in terms of placement of certain conversion devices such as testimonials and less in terms of copy itself …

While I used the way back machine to show you how the home page was before they hired me and how clearly it conveys the message now, I also mentioned where they can make some key improvements.

Let’s dive deeper.

Why I Hate Full-Width Slider Hero Sections?

So, the other day I was listening to a podcast and the copywriter on that podcast was famous SaaS and B2B copywriter Josh Garofalo and he was basically reviewing the copy on someone’s home page when he said that he was totally against full-width sliders in the hero section.

His reasoning was very logical. He believes that a modern-day internet user with an attention span smaller than that of a goldfish has no time to swipe and read all the slides in the hero section.

You have to say, whatever you have to say, with one headline and a supporting subhead.

This is why I didn’t approve the idea of a full-width slider hero section – but since the client wanted that, I wrote 5 heads and subheads, but I tried to save the day by adding my own touch to the whole thing.

This is what I did:

  • First slide’s headline was based on Softoo’s unique value proposition and the subhead extended that.
  • Second slide’s headline and subhead were about their first key area of service
  • Third, fourth and fifth slides’ headlines and subheads were also about 3 other areas of service where Softoo provides resource augmentation.

The Structure of Copy on This Home Page

So, when it comes to writing web copy you have to try different angles and different frameworks because you try to encapsulate a big thing: persuasion.

For example, an emotional buyer will leave your web page within a minute if they notice that their emotions weren’t taken into account while writing web copy – doesn’t matter howsoever well-organized, rational and logical the copy is.

The structure that I tried (and it worked – you can read the project’s lead’s review while watching this teardown) was a pyramid-like structure.

So, I started with the unique value proposition (whether you click and read other slides or not it goes from narrow to broad and shallow to deep) and then I kept on extending the canvas with different angles (in an attempt to engage different types of prospects).

It was something like this:

  • UVP-based head and subhead (more benefit-based heads and subheads if you watch all the slides)
  • Expanding further on the UVP in the first message in the body copy – what is Softoo and why you should care?
  • Expanding on how Softoo is better than competitors – why Softoo and not its competitors?
  • And then, since we’re talking about IT-related services, it is important to mention basic technologies Softoo can help with: cloud, eCommerce (as SaaS) and web apps (PHP, MySql etc.)
  • Then we go deeper – now that you know what is Softoo, why you should care, what makes it better than its competitors and what kind of technologies Softoo provides resources for, we talk about models. Three different ways how Softoo can help you: Fixed Term Engagement, Extended Team and Partnership & Collaboration. Each one is briefly explained but you can click the CTA button to learn more about each of these models.
  • Lastly, if there’s still a doubt whether Softoo can help you or not (coz again, it’s a very technical niche), you scroll down to the “For whom we are?” section.

Much-Needed Improvements in terms of Social Proof

When I wrote web copy for them, they didn’t have enough/worth-publishing testimonials from their clients – even though their portfolio was impressive.

I felt a dire need for some logos to be lined up directly below the hero section. Their developer placed them almost at the bottom of the page; my recommendation for them is to line em up where a user at the beginning of their journey feels the most sceptical of Softoo’s services.

Another recommendation is to pick a few strong testimonials from the heads of a few famous companies they partnered with/worked with, and spread them all over in the body section.

This is it, guys.

I hope you liked the teardown.

In case you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, share them in the comment box below.

I’d soon be back with another teardown …

Till then …


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