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www.bilalahmed.life is owned and operated by Bilal Ahmed (from here onward referred to as “owner”, “I”, “me”, “my”, “he”, “him” or “his”) and these Terms and Conditions are hereby set forth for clients and prospects (from here onward referred to as “clients”, “prospects”, “they”, “their” “them”,  “you” or “users”). I am the sole owner of this website and reserve unchangeable and unchallenged right to edit, amend or revoke these Terms & Conditions and apply a new set of terms and conditions. Such a change can be made without giving notice to clients and prospects, and such clients and prospects are advised to recheck the terms and conditions before getting into a transaction.

A client or prospect in disagreement of these terms and conditions will be assumed to have stopped using the website or my services, and in case of their continuous use of this website and my services, they will be assumed to have no objection to these terms and conditions.

Following terms and conditions are effective as of November 3rd, 2018.

Warranty & Revisions

I do not offer any money-back warranty on my services, so the copy-writing fees that you will pay after November 3rd, 2018 will be considered just as non-refundable as my time and efforts.

However, I guarantee to give you a full or partial refund (as per the case), in any of the following situations:

  • Plagiarized work, and
  • Work not in line with client’s brief

I am bound to offer you a maximum of 3 revisions (subject to word count and time required to revise and rewrite a piece of content), and once you have availed all 3 chances, you will be bound to acknowledge the delivery of the promised work and clear remaining dues, if any.

However, this is subject to the aforementioned rules pertaining to the quality of work.

A client can ask for the revision or refund (if applicable) within 3 to 7 days respectively. Owner will not be bound to entertain any such claim after the prescribed period of time is expired.

Turnaround Time

Except in case of express delivery, the standard time to deliver a paid work will be 4 days in case the number of words do not exceed 2,500 words. For a work more than 2,500 words, the turnaround time will be set as per mutual understanding between the owner and the client or prospect.

Express Delivery

From time to time owner may bid for or accept order for a piece of content that is to be delivered before the standard delivery period of 4 days. Such an express delivery may vary from a few hours to 2 days and charges for such a content will include extra charges for a fast turnaround time.


A client or prospect may only ask for the cancellation within 12 hours of the payment. In case of express delivery order the limit for cancellation is only two hours within making such payment. In both situations, if a client or prospect asks for cancellation after the time limit is expired, they will be accounted for the expense incurred or work done after expiry of cancellation period.


Confidentiality will be practiced in regards of any personal or organization-related information or data that you may reveal to me, from time to time. I am bound to protect that data and not to reveal that to any person, organization or authority, unless as saved under the Privacy Policy.


All prospects and clients are bound to make the brief (instructions) as detailed and target-oriented as possible. Good content comes out of a good brief and so I believe. In case you omit any details in your brief, even if by mistake, refund and revisions will be subject to such an omission and may not be offered as per the case.


Payment of every copy-writing task will be received in advance unless such payment exceeds a total of 500 US Dollars. It will be the responsibility of the owner to convey the particulars and digits linked with the payment. As far as the modes of payment are concerned, they can change from time to time, and I will be bound to convey any change to you.


Copyright of a piece of writing will remain the undisputed property of the owner. Upon amicable completion of a transaction and receipt of the payment, the copyright will be automatically transferred to the client.

Google DMCA

I abide by the rules and regulations set by Google, including DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), in respect of the copyright of the content. By using my services you accept my terms and conditions and thus you agree to abide by Google DMCA rules and regulations.

In the event of you using the content written by my, without paying in full or without my express consent, you will be violating Google DMCA rules and regulations, and your website’s Google ranking and benefits associated to it will be considered illegal as per said rules and regulations of Google DMCA. Thus owner will be entitled to filing a DMCA complaint with Google. It is advised to the clients and prospects to get familiar with Google DMCA and penalties associated with it.

Changes to Terms & Conditions

Owner of www.bilalahmed.life reserves sole and undisputed right to change the terms and conditions or revoke them at his sole discretion. I am under no obligation to inform the clients and prospects or for that matter anyone, of any revisions, amendments, and omissions.

Their use of this site serves as an acknowledgment of the said changes and amendments, and new terms and conditions arising out of them. Any client or prospect in disagreement with these terms and conditions is assumed to have refrained from using this website.

All clients and prospects are advised to read these terms and conditions before getting into a transaction with the owner.


From time to time I may introduce free content, eBooks, courses and relevant stuff in return for email submission. By submitting their names and emails, the users agree to receive emails about matters of mutual interest, paid offers, and digital products. They can always unsubscribe by replying to an email with one word: unsubscribe.