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Research Oozing and Soft-selling Website Copy in the Times of Beaten and Boring Content

I’ll be ruthless:

Gone are the days when a behind-whupped-and-cladded-in-Walmart’s-cheapest-nightgown content writer would sit in a cheap chair bought in a garage sale, open his Dell and write a dull, dumb and drab blogpost …

And people will still buy that bull****!

Back in those days Google was stupid enough to rank a page that had a decent number of words (even copied content with keywords stuffing) …

And readers were the vampires that hadn’t christened their skin with sunlight …

Not anymore!

I call that the Dark Age of the web content.

And in case you’re wondering (fidgeting with your thumbnail and teeth), this, dear one, is the age of website content enlightenment.

Ain’t no spun content is going to save your website from sinking deep in Google SERPs. This is the age of long-form copy.


The million-dollar question is that if every two-bit tech or entrepreneurship blog starts getting long-form copies, what would be the rank criteria for Google to keep one and drop others?

Readers, trained by long-form content and content bits with snippets: exposed to the barrage of media aimed at them, whom would they prefer to others?

Here’s the answer:

Welcome to the age of “Perfect Copy™”!

After 5+ years of experimenting with long-form copy (since I loved this form), I’ve invented a more improved and result-oriented version of it.

Ang guess what?

Since this version checks all the boxes, my clients are already loving it.

I’m talking about the Website Content or SEO Blogposts with:

  • 100% conversational tone – easy peasy a li’l bit cheasy
  • Perfect text-to-media ratio
  • More than one type of pattern interrupts
  • Lot’s of stats
  • Research with references
  • Social Media content marketing optimization
  • A soft-sell approach, and
  • Chef’s secret sauce without which it is not perfect

Let me put it this way!

I know content, I know what ails content and I know what cures it, and what enables it to throw the dart right into the bull’s eye.

If you need the kind of content that will gouge out the eyeballs (catching is old fashion) …

If you need the kind of content that will turn your website into a high DA PA niche-authority website …

If you need the kind of content that will steamroll the competition …

I’m the puffer that can do this for you.

I do not write “blog posts”, I create “blog assets”!

The assets that will act like lead magnets, link magnets and Cha-ching machines for you.

So, If you want to hire an SEO copywriter who can hypnotize Google into becoming your best friend, just fill in the brief form below!

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